Understanding How to Stimulate the Clitoris

The clitoris is a sexual organ only present in females which seems remain quite the mystery to most men. As you can imagine, many men wish that they could understand exactly how to stimulate this particular organ, thereby providing their lady with a phenomenal orgasm. When the clitoris is properly stimulated, vaginal contractions are experienced as the area changes colour and the erectile tissues fill with blood. This creates a sexually pleasing sensation and often results in an intense orgasm. What men want to know about the clitoris is how to use it to their advantage and make their partner experience a mind blowing orgasm. There are a few things that must be understood about this sexual organ before it can be properly stimulated though. For starters, it is the most sensitive area on the female’s sexual areas and erogenous zones. Sex toys and oral sex are often great ways to begin stimulating this area, but there are many ways that one can enjoy tantalising the clitoral zone. Using fingers or sex toys to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse is a sure way to ensure that she experiences an orgasm that she won’t easily forget. At Bella Rouge we have a wide range of sex toys and accessories that will assist you to effectively stimulate the clitoris, bringing your lady to the ultimate climax. It is advised that pressure is applied above or below the clitoris to start with, as direct contact or pressure is sometimes found uncomfortable by many women. It is important to work up to direct contact and have her fully aroused before you focus full attention on the clitoral area.

Ensuring a Female Orgasm – Playing With the Right Toys

If you want to ensure that your female partner climaxes, one should try and understand that mere penetration is often not enough. What many men forget is that women are not just body focused during sex. You will need to engage her mind – try talking dirty or whispering in her ear what you have in store for her – this almost always works when done in a way that intrigues your partner. Ensuring a female orgasm is somewhat of a sensitive subject with many men. If you want to eliminate the possibility of your partner “faking it” you should maybe consider investing in sex toys as a way to spice things up and stimulate various areas either before or during intercourse. Many women like the clitoris to be stimulated with a vibrator during intercourse while others may like the use of a vibrating dildo to get in the mood. At Bella Rouge we have a wide range of products for you to choose from, including dildos, vibrators, lubricants, anal toys, strap-ons, fetish items and so much more. There is a little something for everyone and you can discover this by taking a closer look at our catalogue. You may also be sure that we offer a discreet online shopping option where you can order and pay for your items online and have your package discreetly delivered to your door, in unmarked packaging. Orders of R500 or more will include free delivery – countrywide. All orders are placed and processed within 14 days and comes with a 30 day return policy where faulty items can be replaced if they are returned to us with the receipt and the original packaging intact. Understanding the clitoris and the female orgasm is one thing – being able to stimulate and encourage both are quite another. At Bella Rouge we will provide you with all the right tools required to have your partner out of breath and begging for more. Explore our range for some tantalising treats and accessories without delay.