Female Orgasm

The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

The female orgasm seems to remain a mystery to most men. Many men fear that their woman might be faking her orgasm and this can only be avoided if you know how to pleasure your lady. Most women, as much as 70% can only achieve an orgasm if their clitoral area is stimulated. This is best done with touching or through sexual positions where that particular area is able to “grind” up against the partner. Female orgasm is possible through just vaginal stimulation, but only 30% of women are able to achieve or master this art. Of course a female orgasm can be intense if both parties are in the moment, many women report never really experiencing a real orgasm and this probably goes down to knowing your partner. As a man it is essential that you get to know what turns your partner on. This will help you to help her achieve an orgasm easier and with more intensity. Of course a woman can achieve an orgasm unaided by a male partner and this is often a time she sets aside for herself for masturbation. Masturbation is a completely normal and natural sexual activity in any one from puberty and older. It is a way of exploring your own body, relieving stress and finding out more about what you prefer when it comes to sex and being touched or pleasured. Of course objects and accessories can be used in the masturbation process.

Self Pleasure Alone or Aided By Sex Toys

Masturbation, or self pleasure as it is sometimes called, is something most women have down to an art. There are various sex toys on the market that allow for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Rabbit vibrators, for instance, are popular for this type of stimulation as they consist of a vibrating phallus shaped dildo with an attachment that looks like rabbit ears which are tasked with stimulating the clitoris. There are also clitoral stimulators designed to just stimulate the clitoris. These are known to assist women to reach climax quite quickly and are a popular option for those who believe in regular self pleasure. Female orgasm while using a vibrator of some kind is almost guaranteed. Many women also invest in vibrating panties which are becoming increasingly popular. Some of these panties are controlled by a wireless remote that works from a few meters away. This is popular with couples as they can be worn out and are silent when vibrating, so no one will know when it is on. Single women often wear them too in order to activate them at work or while at a club and so on. Women who indulge in self pleasure will be able to guide their partner and show them what works for them and much the same is the case for men that masturbate. Knowing your body is key to a healthy and satisfying sex life. At Bella Rouge all of our devices, sex toys, accessories and naughty games are designed to help you improve on or add to your sex life. Each product is designed from top quality materials and manufactured with durability in mind. They are easy to clean and keep hygienic and guarantee you hours or pleasure, whether you use them alone or with someone else. When it comes to female orgasm there is so much speculation. Keep in mind that a sexual experience is often about intimacy and closeness. Set the mood and know what your partner likes and she will experience an orgasm that she will never forget. Browse through our range of sex toys and find products to assist you in your quest to reach the ultimate climax.