The Revered G-String

A G-string is an item of underwear or swimwear that has a small triangular piece of material that supports the genitals and a thin string that passes between the buttocks and attaches to a waist band at the back. These are often seen as an erotic or sexy item of underwear and many women purchase them for adding a little something extra for their partner to look at in the bedroom. A G-string was, many years ago, the string that held up a loin cloth. Over the years these have changed into the items of clothing or underwear that we are accustomed to today. On the market there are generally a wide variety of G-strings available to choose from. Different sizes, colours and styles can be found available and even crotchless or open varieties for those who wish to experiment a little with their partner. Open G-strings have become quite popular and can be found on most lingerie and sex toy catalogues. At Bella Rouge we have a wide range of top quality G-strings available for choice.

Sexy Ladies Underwear – Buy Yours Today

Ladies underwear plays an important role in a couple’s sex life. Visual stimulation for a man, and woman for that matter, is of the utmost importance. Dressing sexy for your partner will increase his or her desire and improve on your sexual experience and intercourse as a whole. When browsing through our website and online catalogue you will find that we stock a wide range of lingerie and ladies underwear for your perusal. We have general lingerie panties available and even a variety of G-strings. In addition, there are also vibrating panties available on the market which are ideal for self stimulation and even play between couples. Some vibrating panties are crotchless allowing for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation during sex – this particular item of ladies underwear has become quite a popular one in recent times. When it comes to purchasing the right G-string or ladies underwear for you, or as a gift for your partner, there is a bit of forethought that must be taken into account. Knowing the size you are looking for is important and also the type of preferred material. This type of underwear can be made from leather, latex, cotton and various other materials – the type you choose will greatly depend on how long it will be worn and which material is considered to feel the best for that particular individual. When looking for a range of naughty or tempting ladies underwear you will find our catalogue offers just what you need. When browsing through your options you will find that we offer a safe and secure online payment system which means that you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to complete your purchase. We will deliver your products within 14 days of your order and will ensure that the packaging is unmarked. We have such faith in our products that we know that the next time we hear back from you will be to order even more of our top quality items and accessories. For the best sexy ladies underwear and G-string options on the market, chat to us or browse through our catalogue at Bella Rouge. We will ensure that you have access to a range of the sexiest and raunchiest lingerie for your bedroom and sex life.