How Strong Are Your Kegel Muscles?

At least 60% of women don’t know what kegel exercises are and the other 40% don’t believe that they need to do them!

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

These are the muscles we use if we stop a pee in mid flow, and also the muscles we use during childbirth. The benefits of working these muscles is that it can prevent incontinence as we grow older, but the sexual perk is that when those muscles are stronger, our orgasms are more intense and we have more control over them.

If you are not doing Pilates (which strengthens your core muscles) you should be using kegel balls

They come as a pair of balls which are inserted into the vagina. Push them in until they are comfortable, as you would with a tampon. For the first week, wear them for 15 minutes a day and thereafter, increase the time to just twice a week! You can wear them to gym or shopping, but remember to make sure you’re wearing panties  – you don’t want to sneeze and find them rolling around your ankles! So ladies, let’s all do kegel exercises to become “tight like tigers” and not “loose like a goose!”