How to Masturbate

How to Masturbate – Things to Consider

Knowing how to masturbate is a great attribute to one’s sex life. While not many of us like to actually talk about it, the fact remains that at one stage or another this act of self-indulgence may be too much not to act on. The beauty about this form of sexual pleasure is that it can be enjoyed alone or with your partner. What’s more is that by doing so you will find a way to learn not only more about your own likes and desires, but that of your partner’s too, helping to create quite an intimate and bonding experience. Those who do not know how to masturbate probably do not know what they like or are uncomfortable with pleasuring themselves. If you would like to try masturbating and want great results, you should take into consideration the following factors:
  • Masturbation can be done with ones fingers or with a device or accessory such as a dildo, vibrator, blow-up doll, stimulator or more.
  • Masturbation is something that requires time and effort. By getting to know what you like you can pleasure yourself effectively and even experience multiple orgasms.
  • The clitoral area is the area that usually controls the female orgasm – you will find various products available in our product range that are aimed at clitoral or both clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.

The Act of Masturbation

Technically speaking, masturbation is an act of someone sexually stimulating themselves until orgasm is reached. Loosely speaking, in this day and age, couples masturbate together for added interest and excitement in the bedroom. Studies have proven that masturbation occurs in both sexes and that it can almost be expected from a certain age. It is a natural sexual occurrence for most and certainly encouraged rather than frowned upon in this day and age. Release of sexual tension can assist one to be a happier, more settled individual. If you know how to masturbate, you will be able to bring yourself to climax and feel satisfied thereafter. Masturbation can be aided by adult videos and reading material or even by setting the scene to something intriguing and romantic for you. This form of sexual pleasure is socially accepted and seen as a good and healthy way to maintain sexual activity in one’s life where there is no stable or regular sexual partner present. Many people like to make use of objects and devices for their self sexual gratification and this is where our range at Bella Rouge becomes interesting.

How We Can Help

At Bella Rouge we stock a number of items that are absolutely ideal for self masturbation or couples who masturbate together. These items include lubrication of which there are various heat and tingle effects available, vibrators, dildos (both single and dual use devices), strap-on dildos and various other naughty novelty items. You will find that you can order any of these products from us discreetly and privately online and pay securely with your credit card or EFT. You can then expect for your items to be delivered directly to your door in unmarked packaging and for this to occur within 14 days from the day you order them. We also offer a 30 day guarantee for those who have the original packaging and find that their products are faulty or of an inferior quality. If you would like to learn how to masturbate more effectively and want to learn more about the art of masturbation, you should take the time to look into which sex toys and accessories we stock that would tickle your fancy. Remember to try out an interesting lubricant when choosing to masturbate for added excitement. Allow us at Bella Rouge to make your masturbation and sex life an experience that you look forward to.