Intimacy Enhancers

Intimacy Enhancers for Couples

Intimacy in a relationship is absolutely essential if you want to keep the flame alive. Couples who have intimacy will feel closer, more in tuned with each other’s needs and ultimately have a more satisfying sex life. Foreplay is a great way to introduce intimacy into a relationship. There are various items, products and accessories that one can use to ensure that their intimate moments are made even more special and memorable. Intimacy enhancers are available on the market that can add a classy touch to any evening of fore play planned. When looking for the best intimacy enhancers on the market, take the time to browse through our range at Bella Rouge. We have great lover’s packs which include items such as love lotions, clitoral stimulators, scented rose petals and tea light candles. We also have other intimacy games and pastimes which include the Oral Sex Guide for Men, 52 Sex Positions game and The Sex Game, all of which are guaranteed to bring a giggle and many intimate moments to the bedroom. Being comfortable enough with your partner to try out these games is a key element to having a satisfying sex life that you can look forward to.

Products and Accessories for the Ultimate Sexual Stimulation

Of course when it comes to foreplay and intimacy there is a great deal of stimulation involved. Some couples don’t necessarily require anything to assist with stimulation as using their hands and carrying out oral sex is most effective. While this can work for anyone, sometimes introducing a few toys, lotions and accessories to the situation can make it more interesting for both parties. There are many intimacy enhancers available at Bella Rouge that will not just assist with stimulation in the bedroom, but actually make it a mind blowing experience. A brief look over our online catalogue will quickly inform you of just what we have to offer. For couples we have a few items and packages to tickle the fancy of a variety of interests. Our remote controlled egg massagers are great for adding a little fun between partners. We also stock the range of Desi vaginal shaking balls which are made from silicone and designed for every-day use. Our range of lubrication can add a little excitement too as they are available in different sensations such as heating, cooling or even tingle to name but a few. Our prolong spray is ideal for those who want to experience a longer period of stimulation for those extra intimate moments. Aphrodisiac pills for some added desire are also a popular option for couples that are looking to try something new. Chocolate body paint and body dust can also put a sparkle in your lover’s eye. What’s more is that you do not need to fear embarrassment when ordering any of our products as they are delivered in unmarked packaging. Your discretion and privacy are catered to at all times and you can rest assured that your details will never be provided to any third parties. At Bella Rouge we also replace all products that are broken or do not work on arrival. You must send it back to us with the original packaging intact in order for this to be possible. We will ensure that there is no time wasted in replacing your products. When looking for the perfect items and accessories to add a little something extra to your love life, you can expect for us to present you with more than you could possibly imagine. We will ensure that you have access to intimacy enhancers and stimulation products and accessories to delight both you and your partner, at a cost-effective rate.