Kama Sutra

Popular Kama Sutra Positions to Try Out

Everyone has heard of the Kama Sutra at some point in their lives, but whether it is fully understood and properly practiced is another story all together. The Kama Sutra is not just sexual positions but actually an ancient Indian script written to advise men on how to have a marriage with a healthy and happy sex life. The actual Kama Sutra consists of seven sections, only one of which is about the various sexual positions which can and should be tried in order to have a sexual experience that is second to none. This particular section of the script is actually detailed with diagrams of each sexual position to ensure that it is properly understood. The following are a few of the most popular Kama Sutra sexual positions enjoyed and well rated by couples the world over. Of course these have been slightly adapted to modern times:
  • The Milk And Water Embrace Position – this position is designed for intimacy. The man sits on a couch or chair that is comfortable and with the women straddling him – facing away from him. She rides up and down with his penis between her buttocks while he stimulates and massages her clitoral area. When the time is right the woman lowers herself onto her partner and orgasm is achieved by both, through thrusting and constant rocking (this position can also be enjoyed in reverse where the woman is facing her partner). Clitoral stimulation can even be assisted with one of our vibrators at Bella Rouge if you want to spice things up a little.
  • The Twinning Position – this position is perfect for beginners as it is easily enjoyed in a restful position and shouldn’t become strenuous or tiring. Both partners lie on their sides facing each other. The woman raises her leg and rests her thigh over her partner’s thigh area. He enters her and thrusts to reach orgasm. The intensity of the penetration can be controlled by raising or closing her raised leg. Clitoral stimulation by the man massaging the area is also advised with this particular position.
  • The Lotus Position – this position is commonly seen in Yoga. It is designed more for intense, intimate and lengthy love making sessions as opposed to reaching climax quickly. Partners sit facing each other on a mat or soft surface. The man crosses his legs lightly at the ankles exposing his penis. He then makes himself hard through self stimulation at which point the woman shifts forward, wrapping her legs around his back and allowing him to enter her. The couple remain in a restful position with no thrusting – just enough pelvic motion and tightening of the vaginal muscles must be used to maintain the sensation without bringing either person to climax. The point of this position is to prolong intimacy and closeness. When it becomes too much, the position is changed for the ultimate orgasm.

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