KY Jelly

New Improved KY Jelly Products Available

KY Jelly is used by many couples to increase their sensual pleasure and enhance intimacy on a year round basis. For those who aren’t aware, KY Jelly is the most commonly used personal lubrication on the South African market. This particular product is produced by Johnson & Johnson and is water based and a water soluble lubricant used to reduce friction burn from dry penetration during intercourse. There is in fact no particular or agreed upon reason why this particular lubricant is called KY! KY Jelly was first intended for the medical and surgical market and has since been developed and customised for use during sexual intercourse. While it is not designed to add any extra sensations, it is a good lubricant that gets the job done. It is also popular amongst those that make use of rubber, silicon or latex sex toys as it has no reaction to these particular materials. Until recently it was one of a few personal lubricants on the market that contain no perfume or colour additives which makes it the perfect product for those with sensitive skin and allergies. Recently new products have been added to the KY range where warming and tingling sensations can be experienced and enjoyed. These lubricants seem to be selling fast and for good reason – they are premium quality lubricants made available at an extremely cost-effective rate.

The Bella Rouge Range

The KY Jelly range also caters to sensitive skins and offers smooth lubricants and vaginal moisturises. Regardless of your needs – the KY team has it covered. Each product is guaranteed to provide effective lubrication and moisturising as required. Once you have decided on the right one for you, take the time to browse through our sex toys – something might just grab your attention. We stock dildos, vibrators, lingerie, novelty items and various naughty games for the enjoyment of you and your partner. Climax enhancers and products for foreplay and massage form part of our range of KY Jelly products. At Bella Rouge we only stock items that are guaranteed to add value and interest to your sex life. Product quality and value for money are absolutely guaranteed at all times. Simply sit down and click through our product range – you will be pleasantly surprised! All our online orders are shipped within 14 days of being received and you can expect for our online payment system to be absolutely safe and secure. When placing an order with us your details and order are kept absolutely private. Discretion is guaranteed at all times. Your package will arrive at your door, in good order and in unmarked packaging. We encourage you to browse through our range of products and find the items that are best suited to your preferences. Choose your sex toys and personal lubrication with your partner and make sure that you set aside some quality time to have a little fun. Keeping your sex life alive is of the utmost importance if you want to have a healthy and happy one for the rest of your life. If you are on the lookout for KY Jelly products or would like to buy a range personal lubrication products and lotions to boost interest and intrigue in your sex life, as well as for the obvious functional reasons, then take the time to order something sinfully sexy from our catalogue without any further delay.