Lingerie for Everyone

There is no doubting that lingerie is a great gift for yourself and for your partner. Most lingerie is designed to be luxuriously comfortable for the lady wearing it and absolutely sexy for the man (or woman) viewing it. There is something about lingerie that simply adds sex appeal to woman’s sleep wear. Silky, soft and revealing just enough to tease and tantalise makes these sleep wear items a popular addition to anyone’s sex life. When looking for a range of sexy, sultry lingerie take the time to browse through our online catalogue at Bella Rouge. We stock on the finest quality lingerie items and guarantee you value for money and an after sales service that is second to none.

Sexy Panties Bringing Some Excitement to the Bedroom

Many women seek out the perfect lingerie to add a little excitement in the bedroom. While these items very rarely stay on for long, they certainly are a must have in a couples bedroom entertainment. There are various forms of sexy lingerie type panties that have become increasingly popular on the market. In fact, most sex toy shops and adult shops will stock a variety of these as they are such a popular item for many. Lingerie panties are available in various styles including the crotchless variety which is perfect for couples looking to spice things up a little. Lingerie type panties are designed to make a women feel absolutely sexy while looking it too. They are designed more for the visual entertainment of the partner, but there is no doubt that a woman in sexy lingerie will feel more confident and it will show too. Whether you choose to purchase general lingerie panties or crotchless ones you should take the time to browse through the many styles, colours and types that are available on the market. We stock the Roza, Wolbar, Irall, Beauty Night, Gracya and Vipa ranges which are all directly imported from Europe. You can expect the ultimate quality, luxurious feel and value for money when investing in these particular brands. The materials used for these items of lingerie and the various panties on the market are nylon, cotton, leather, lace, mesh and latex which are all relatively stretch materials that are easy to clean. You will find that these materials are also quite durable and can be expected to last quite some time. When ordering lingerie, sexy panties and any of our other sex toys from us you can expect for complete privacy and discretion at all times. Our online store was created with the intention of creating a comfortable and anonymous environment for women and couples to shop for their sex toys and intimacy products without bumping into people they may know, family, friends and work colleagues. Our products take approximately 14 days to transport and you can expect to be able to return any faulty or damaged goods within 30 days provided that the original packaging is kept and sent back with the item, along with the receipt. We will never provide your details to a third party and will ensure that the package arrives at your delivery address free from branding. Take the time to browse through our lingerie range and you might just find the perfect outfit or sexy panties for you and your partner to enjoy. You will find our range to be quite extensive and able to cater to the needs, preferences and budgets of a wide variety of people. Regardless of your interests, sexual orientation or earning capacity – we have just the lingerie to make your sex life more interesting and a whole lot more fun.