Lubricants – For Long Lasting and Enjoyable Sex Sessions

Lubricants are generally used to reduce friction between body parts during human sexual intercourse. It can also be used to reduce friction between objects (sex toys) and body parts and ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. Lubricants also ease the process of penetration and often heighten sensation and pleasure. There are many lubricants currently available on the market that is designed to increase stimulation by the sensation that they are designed to create. You now get lubricants that have a cooling effect, heat effect and even tingle effect. The one you purchase will greatly depend on the preferences of both you and your partner. There are three main types of personal lubricants available on the market: water- or oil-based, and fertility lubricants. At Bella Rouge you can expect to find a wide variety of lubricants in our catalogue. Simply browse through the various options and select a few that might be functional and add a little interest to your sex life.

Products and Accessories for Better Sex

There is no denying the fact that personal lubricants can ensure a better sex life. Lubricants can also and are often used in foreplay and provide for a great deal of added excitement and intrigue before actual intercourse.

At Bella Rouge we stock the following lubricants for you to try and enjoy:

  • Eros range – from this range we offer various flavours and fragrances such as strawberry and piña colada. We also have various options with effects such as warming, cooling, blow and glow and prolonged enjoyment.
  • Jo H2O – from this range we offer the banana lick flavour, chocolate delight, watermelon, tangerine, juicy pineapple, tropical passion, peachy lips, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, and lemon splash.
  • Bodyglide anal lubricant which is a silicone based lube.
  • Sugar Mommy’s simply lubricant with no sugar or fat.
  • Add Magic Lubricant – this is a luxurious long lasting lubricant created with the modern women in made.
Regardless of which of our lubricants you choose to try, you are guaranteed to enjoy better sex as a result. What’s more is a little interest can be added as you try each type and flavour to find one that suits you best. You will find that we stock only the finest quality products in our catalogue and the same goes for our lubricants. Each of them is guaranteed to be long lasting and provide for a smooth sexual experience. When choosing the lubricant for you and your partner, you can order it online and discreetly through our online store. You can then expect for your order to be delivered to your door within 14 days. Items are guaranteed to be in good order and if you find that they are damaged or faulty, simply let us know and return them to us for a replacement. This is only possible if the original packaging is still intact. Consider trying out one of our other interesting products and accessories with your new lubrication purchase. We offer dildos, vibrators, cock rings, couples toys, anal toys and various gifts and novelty items. We also have a fantastic range of lingerie that might tickle your fancy. Shop alone or with your partner and know that you will never have to worry about being embarrassed as we deliver all of our products in unmarked packaging. Couples who want an enjoyable sex life will know that there are products and features available on the market to cater to the needs of all sorts of interests, fetishes and preferences. Why not ensure that you are having the best sexual experiences possible? For better sex and long lasting pleasure, try our range of lubricants – we dare you!