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  • All Day Foreplay

    8 Tips on All-day Foreplay

    Ladies, the title of this article may say excite your man, but in actual fact, it is really for both of you. A little more for you than him.


  • relationship-spark

    Relationships: 3 ways to keep that spark alive

    We know that everyone gets comfortable in their relationships after a while, but you need to remember to make an effort. Here are a few simple ways to keep that spark alive …


  • relationship10

    Relationships: 10 questions you need to ask each other

    Most of us have heard about the basic checklist for romantic compatibility: factors such as religion, family and money. But what happens when we have those “check marks” but are still struggling in our relationship?


  • blow-away

    Blow Him Away!

    Delivering a good blow-job isn’t easy – in the words of Sex and the City’s Samantha, “Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing!”.


  • bff-blues

    Is his female BFF more than a friend?

    Your man has a female BFF. Should you be worried? Here are some warning signs that she may be more important than you…


  • sex-just-do-it

    Sex! – Just Do It!

    Although the modern lifestyle is a hectic one, a regular, healthy sex life will help us cope with our busy lives. Here are seven reasons to just do it! In our modern lifestyles we’re all running around with our busy schedules, and the sad reality is that a lot of us don’t ever take the [...]


  • eat-sexlife

    Eat Your Way To A Naughtier Sex Life

    Are you bored in bed? Is your love life seriously lacking some scintillating spice? Why not try certain foods to reignite the spark. Edible aphrodisiacs can turn up the heat in more ways than one.


  • media1

    Why communication is the key to a happy relationship

    Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Here are some things I learned about communicating, which besides talking and listening, is all about doing…


  • luxury-vibrator---iris-852209_1024x768

    5 Things To Do With Your Vibrator

    1.Sensual Seduction Put the vibrator in the palm of your hand and run it over your entire body. Start on a soft, mild vibration, and find those bits that make you shiver and tingle. Make it last and turn up the heat by slowly turning up the dial. The longer you do this, the more [...]


  • vibrator

    Choosing a Vibrator

    There are a wide variety of vibrators available on the market and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to choose one. Here’s help from Bella Rouge… Vibrators are the most popular of all sex toys on the market, and it’s no wonder… When something vibrates against the sensitive genitals or inside the vagina or anus, [...]


  • condoms

    Making Condoms Fun!

    Jenni Osrin of Bella Rouge discusses how to make condoms a more inviting, sensual aspect of love making. It’s amazing how little the use of condoms is actually spoken about in our country. With HIV and AIDS being so prevalent, condom use has developed a stigma that leaves very few people talking about it. I [...]


  • valentines

    Make Valentine’s Day Special WithoutSpending A Fortune

    As the Christmas decorations come down, so the Valentine’s Day decorations go up. We are bombarded left, right and centre by hearts, teddy bears, balloons and anything you can think of. The only thing is, is that many of us are only just coming right financially after the festive season. So here are some tips [...]


  • worthyl

    How Worthy Do You Feel?

    Jenni Osrin tells us why it’s okay to not always be in the mood for sex… Women nowadays are very strong and independent. We compete in a ‘man’s world’ and still strive to balance our work with a warm and well run home. We take care of the kids, cook the dinner and a lot [...]


  • inner-goddessl

    Setting Free Your Inner Goddess

    The times we live in are amazing. Women have every opportunity open to us. All we have to do is decide what we want and go for it! Here’s how… If we want to wear a big outlandish hat today, it’s cool, we do it. If we decide that we only want to listen to [...]


  • kegel

    How Strong Are Your Kegel Muscles?

    At least 60% of women don’t know what kegel exercises are and the other 40% don’t believe that they need to do them! Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles These are the muscles we use if we stop a pee in mid flow, and also the muscles we use during childbirth. The benefits of [...]


  • spank-you

    Spank You Very Much

    Believe it or not, spanking is not something that is reserved for freaks and sexual deviants. In fact, it’s very mainstream. A lot of people do it to add a bit of spice into the bedroom….. Spanking doesn’t necessarily have to be related to pain and punishment It can be a very sensual, loving exchange [...]


  • 10-things

    10 Things You Shouldn’t Think About During Sex

    Ever had a moment of passion ruined by a random thought about why you don’t see white dog poo lying around anymore, like you used to in the ’80s? Don’t panic; everyone has completely inappropriate thoughts during sex – here are 10 of them from inside our wandering minds… 1. ‘Was this the position I [...]


  • perfume-seduction-tool

    Perfume As A Seduction Tool

    Bella Rouge reveals how the perfect perfume can be a seduction tool. Having splashed on some of my favourite evening perfume before heading out, when I walked past a friend of mine and he said, “You smell of sex,” I was feeling quietly coy. A tool of seduction Flattered, but not surprised after having read [...]


Spice 4 Life

  • sex-wealth

    Sex & Wealth

    A survey released on January 23, 2007, by Prince & Associates in collaboration with Hannah Grove found that 70% of today’s multimillionaires said being wealthy gave them “better sex.”


  • toy-health-aide

    Toy or Health Aide

    For the past sixty years or so the manufacturing, marketing, and sale of sex toys have existed under the auspices of the adult novelty industry. There have always been “massagers” sold through mail order catalogs, department stores, and pharmacies. But these products tend to be marketed for overall health, never explicitly for sexual health let alone sexual pleasure.


  • natural-sex-toys

    Natural Sex Toys

    It’s wonderful how environmentally aware people are becoming. It really is the small changes that will make the big difference in the end. And so it’s no surprise that I get customers coming to me to enquire about environmentally friendly products. And so I am doing my bit for the environment too, so we can [...]


  • lrg_Orgasm

    Eco Orgasms

    We’ve noticed the term ‘eco-bore’ being bandied around lately, but listening to people bang on about saving the planet is less of a chore when banging is precisely what’s called for.