Natural Sex Toys

It’s wonderful how environmentally aware people are becoming. It really is the small changes that will make the big difference in the end. And so it’s no surprise that I get customers coming to me to enquire about environmentally friendly products. And so I am doing my bit for the environment too, so we can all have guilt – free sex!

Choose a toy that’s made out of a friendly material

As women, we are concerned about what we put into our bodies – and in this instance ladies, I mean it literally.  The last thing we want is to be contracting a nasty infection because we used a toy made out of a material that attracts bacteria.  Now there are not many toys on the market that are environmentally friendly. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the only ones that are fully recyclable, are ones made out of glass. You get beautiful dildos made out of glass, that actually double as pieces of art, they’re so pretty.  Unfortunately, not many women want to be putting glass in their vaginas.  And this is completely understandable. If there’s a nick or a scratch, it could cut your most sensitive parts. So what can we do?
I think the best solution is to buy quality.  The good quality toys are generally made out of medical grade silicone.  And granted, it’s not completely bio-degradable, but it is much better than the regular plastic and latex toys you get.  Also, if the toy is of higher quality, its life span is longer and therefore doesn’t need to be replaced as often.  Another advantage of good quality toys is that they now come in the rechargeable variety.  This is a great perk for the environment as you go through a lot less batteries!

Use a natural lubricant

So now we’ve discussed toys, so what can we do about a natural lubricant?  WaterSlide Personal Lubricant is the purest, safest, most natural lubricant on the market.  It is a water based formula without silicones, petroleums, parabens, glycerins, preservatives or scent.  It’s safe and compatible with condoms, diaphragms and toys.  It provides a sensual, natural slip, and in-vitro studies show that it to be a potential microbicide.

Think Green

I hope these few tips have been helpful in keeping the planet green and safe. All we need to do is think green in all aspects of our lives.  If you do have many toys that use batteries, get rechargeable batteries, or collect them together and once you have a bagful, go drop them at your nearest recycling depot.  The same goes for toys.  If you don’t want to stick your broken toy in with the rest of your plastics, come drop it off at our shop, and let us dispose of it properly for you. We’re in the business of pleasure, and it is our pleasure to keep the world a happy, clean place.