Oral Sex

Oral Sex and Its Popularity

Oral sex is something that most couples seek out and enjoy. In many relationships this is considered a very intimate form of sex and can be quite an art. Knowing what your partner likes and doing it right is something that may come naturally or may need practice, but with all sexual activities, it comes down to knowing the preferences of your partner. Oral sex is a form of sex that is regularly enjoyed by those who are straight, gay and bi-sexual. Regardless of your sexual preference, this is a type of sex that everyone undoubtedly enjoys.  Oral sex’s proper name is actually Cunnilingus (when the female is pleasured) and Fellatio (when the male is pleasured), and has become increasingly popular over recent years. Most women can experience an intense orgasm from this type of sex and many women even prefer this over penetration by their partner.

Achieving the Female Orgasm Effectively With Oral Sex

One would have to ask why oral sex is so popular with women and the answer is simple – women receive better orgasms this way. The female orgasm is in fact something that is affected by the stimulation of the clitoris. A number of studies show that approximately 30% of women can climax with just vaginal stimulation while 70% of women will require for the clitoral area to be stimulated. With oral sex the clitoris is usually stimulated with the lips or tongue, causing an intense orgasm. Oral sex has earned itself a position as a firm favourite because the tongue is warm, soft and moist. It also provides for a great lubricant which means no friction burn is experienced from potential dry penetration. The female orgasm requires a steady and constant form of stimulation – often longer than is required for men. Oral sex is best enjoyed slow and steady without being rushed. Women who do not orgasm from oral sex alone will find that oral sex up until a point and then vaginal penetration makes the experience simply “mind blowing”. When interested in oral sex a dildo or vibrator can be used at intervals when the tongue might get tired. These items are best bought from reputable suppliers such as us at Bella Rouge. We provide a wide range of devices and accessories that are simply ideal for oral sex, foreplay and even intercourse. We stock vibrators, cock rings, dildos and various clitoral stimulators that will ensure your oral sex experience is one that you won’t easily forget. These products are designed with the female orgasm in mind and are manufactured from materials that are easy to clean and durable. Of course we offer a 30 day returns policy on all the products that we sell – should they be faulty or damaged, simply let us know and send them back to us with the original packaging and receipt. At Bella Rouge you can safely and discreetly order your sex toys and accessories online and make an online payment. Your goods will be delivered to your door within 14 days of placing your order. Goods are guaranteed to be in good order, offer an excellent quality and be absolute value for money. Our range is so extensive that you will certainly find something that grabs your interest or intrigues you. Whether you need products to assist with making oral sex more exciting or just need something to enjoy on your own – we have just what you need. Take the time to browse through our extensive product range and look for a product that is suited to oral sex and you will find a variety of options to choose from. Allow us to enhance your sex life and enjoyment thereof with some of our products today.