Understanding the Penis and How to Stimulate It

For many men, the most important part of their body is their penis. As a woman you are going to need to know how to stimulate your man sexually with this particular body part. The penis is not as complicated to stimulate as some women think. All you need is a little interest a few accessories and your man will be set to have the orgasmic experienced of a life time. There are a number of sex toys that one can use that are specifically designed to stimulate your partner’s penis and if you have the desire to truly please your man, you should consider them all and invest in a few products to take your love life to the next level. At Bella Rouge you will find the Tiger play pack, romantic long shot condoms and even erection pills available for you to try.

Choosing a Penis Ring for You and Your Partner

In addition to the abovementioned penis toys, you should also try our penis ring ranges. We have the following penis rings to present you with in our Bella Rouge sex toy catalogue:
  • The LELO’s Oden Penis Ring – this is one of the worlds most sought after couple’s penis ring. It offers sense motion technology which means that you can control how it vibrates with a wireless remote. This allows for hours of discreet fun between couples at any time of the day or night. It boasts a silicone outer layer which allows for increased comfort. The LELO’s Oden can be worn during intercourse to provide pleasure to both partners.
  • The Muvee Vibrating Penis Ring – this particular penis ring is placed on the penis with the vibrating area perfectly positioned for clitoral stimulation. It ensures heightened sexual enjoyment for both partners and is guaranteed to provide an orgasmic experience.
  • Standard Vibrating Cock Ring (VCR) – this penis ring is designed from a soft silicone which allows it to fit comfortably onto any penis. This is a simple vibrator that offers a one touch vibration bullet.
A penis ring can range in price from as little as R160 up to R1600 depending on functionality and features and of course design. The more pleasure you expect from your penis ring, the more you can expect for it to cost. For the ultimate pleasure, seek out the best vibrating penis rings on the market. When seeking out the very best cock rings available at Bella Rouge; explore our catalogue and order items that perk your interest and tickle your fancy. You can order any of our products online discreetly and make a safe and secure online payment too. These items will be sent directly to your door within 14 days of placing your order. Any items that happen to be damaged or non functional on arrival can be returned for replacement as long as it is returned within 30 days and with the original packaging intact. There is great convenience in being able to shop online for your sex toys and accessories as there is no fear of bumping into anyone you know and both you and your partner can investigate products that interest you without experiencing any embarrassment. While many couples may not have tried a penis ring before, those who do find the experience stimulating for both partners and will go on to try a few variations of rings before settling on their favourites. If you would like to experience a penis ring for the first time or you are looking to expand on your collection, take a closer look at our range. Bella Rouge has just the sex toys and accessories for you and your partner.