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  • Bfilled Classic Unleashed Massaging Butt Plug

    5 function wireless waterproof massaging plug will fill your deepest desires with a tapered tip,ideal for beginners. Includes wireless remote.

    ZAR 720.00

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  • Lelo Loki

    Loki prostate massager offers 6 settings, waterproof, usb – rechargeable and extraordinary power .
    The flared base offers additional stimulation externally .The ultra smooth silicone delivers its intense vibrations direct to the prostate!

    ZAR 2,900.00

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  • Gplug

    Gplug butt plug is waterproof, usb rechargeable, 6 functions, quiet and a smooth silky silicone.
    For beginners and experienced alike… This will deliver your anal orgasm guaranteed!

    ZAR 1,800.00

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    vibrating butt plug ideal for beginners and experts alike.
    super soft silicone with a tapered tip
    discover the 5 versatile vibration speeds and patterns by simply pressing the button
    battery operated and waterproof

    ZAR 570.00

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  • CHEEKY BOY Prostate Stimulator

    The best way to have the most fun between your cheeks! Delivers an intense prostate and perineum massage..

    battery operated,waterproof and made with soft flexible body safe silicone with a removable bullet for hygiene
    with a black satin keep sake bag for storage

    ZAR 1,590.00

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  • FSOG Delicious Fullness Butt Plug

    I come- again and again, falling, falling, spinning, pulsing around and around- and Christian gently pulls the plug out.

    ZAR 590.00

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  • Men's Gift Bag

    Ever feel like as a man you are missing out? Well we’ve made something just for you!! A bag of naughty goodies that’ll get your blood racing!!

    ZAR 1,950.00

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  • Bodyglide Anal

    Bodyglide Anal is a silicone based medical lubricant for extensive plain fun during anal intercourse.

    ZAR 180.00

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  • Nexus Vibro

    The stylish and beautifully presented Nexus Vibro is the first ever male G-spot massager with microchip technology

    ZAR 1,900.00

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  • Nexus Neo

    Its stainless steel rollerball massages the perineum whilst the shaft, with its altered angle of entry, rubs up against different parts of the prostate creating a deliciously different experience

    ZAR 1,200.00

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  • Pure Anal Beads

    Unisex and waterproof, these handsomely designed anal beads have five tapered beads and a grip handle. Your anal pleasure is totally within your grasp, and under your control.

    ZAR 160.00

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  • Aquavee Butt Plug

    This 5″ anal plug is clear and totally waterproof. It has multi-speed vibration and is of unisex design. Suitable for all you anal loving boys and girls.

    ZAR 220.00

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