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  • Bunny Ears Bow Tie Set

    pink and white bunny ears with pink bow tie and white tail!

    very cute and sexy!

    ZAR 70.00

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  • Boys night out party pack

    card game,flash camera,water pistol and a badge
    what more could you want to start a memorable night!

    ZAR 320.00

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  • Gorgeous Gavin

    Carved for action,pumping up daily is how I keep my large extremities in good
    working order! I even glow in the dark with my face and chest! You want me!

    ZAR 640.00

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  • Penis Candle

    For that ‘ROMANTIC’ night in,come on baby light my fire!

    ZAR 170.00

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  • The Honeymooner's Cookbook

    52 weeks of food and sex! For food lovers who want to cook up a lasting love affair!
    As a bachelorette gift or just as a gift to liberate your palate and love making !

    ZAR 390.00

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  • 12 Day Bride 2 Be Basket

    Build up to your wedding by spoiling yourself every day!!

    ZAR 2,950.00

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  • Bride to be Head Boppers

    Bride to Be Head Boppers is Fuchsia pink with diamantes and marabou trim.

    ZAR 70.00

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  • Willy Measure

    Dare you see how you measure up with this naughty willy measuring stick? This fun willy measure is sure to cause a mass debate in the bedroom

    ZAR 45.00

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  • Hen Night Napkins

    For your last night out, you’ll want to be prepared with these girly napkins!┬áText in white, pink and black – it almost seems a shame to use them to mop up your spilt drinks!

    ZAR 55.00

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  • Naughty Confetti

    Decorate your tables or toss it over the bride-to-be and see if they notice how naughty the little dicky shapes are!

    ZAR 120.00

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  • Girl's Night Out Sash

    Make her feel like a queen on her last night out! A pretty pink sash will help her shine!

    ZAR 50.00

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  • Pecker Knives

    Make your table stand out with some fun pecker cutlery!

    ZAR 40.00

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