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  • Bad Kitty Vibro Nipple Clamps

    Lusty nipple pain with or without vibration – you decide. Mini vibrator is removable and pressure intensity of the clamps is adjustable.

    ZAR 550.00

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  • Colorful Joy Jewel Butt Plug

    Anal plug which is silicon and has a red jewel. Perfect for beginners and experienced alike. Size: Small, Colour: Red

    ZAR 320.00

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  • Colorful Joy Jewel Butt Plug

    Anal plug which is silicon and has a purple jewel. Great for experienced anal plug users. Size: Medium, Colour: Purple

    ZAR 420.00

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  • Bijoux Satin Eyemask

    satin ,silky and limit the senses .

    ZAR 230.00

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  • Short Red Satin Gloves

    red and teasing in oh so red!

    ZAR 90.00

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  • Long Black Satin Gloves

    Wear them for a dinner party or whilst playing!

    ZAR 140.00

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  • Fantasy fetish - 1

    One size fits most!

    be different – be bold!

    ZAR 520.00

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  • Bijoux tickle me tickler

    Teasing ,tickling just a start!

    ZAR 220.00

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  • Lovelife & Flex Kegel Balls

    A set of 3kegel weights for graduated strength training ..
    Increase the intensity of your orgasm,enhancing muscle control and hold during intercourse. Improves bladder control and aides in pregnancy recovery.
    Start -35g,then 45g and final weight 85g

    ZAR 1,050.00

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  • Bad Kitty Metal Kegel Balls

    Heavy love balls for erotic wearing comfort! two heavy ,smoothly polished – silver coloured solid balls total weight of each ball 110g. For your more daring kegel

    ZAR 490.00

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  • Smile Switch Soft Strap On

    For exciting role play: strap on belt with thick slightly curved dildo in a precious pink!

    ZAR 720.00

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  • Bad Kitty Soft Fetish Set

    For teasing and riveting fetish games..there are no limits to your fantasies..
    1 handcuffs, 1 eye mask, 1 paddle , 1 whip and an ostrich feather.

    ZAR 1,070.00

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