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Intimacy Enhancers

  • Bijoux Kissable Body Powder

    A tasty glitter to illuminate the spots where his lips & your skin ,his most prized possession  come together…shimmer n shake!!! Wild strawberry flavour.

    ZAR 460.00

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  • Sweet Smile Pleasure Balls

    Rock ‘ n roll, pleasure duet with swinging and vibration – however you desire! Start a melodious erotic journey with the love ball duo and its rotating inner workings combined with splendid vibration! YES ,THEY VIBRATE!

    ZAR 620.00

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  • Go Girl Gel Spray

    You owe it to yourself to improve your sexual pleasure. Feel the difference and be begging for the multiple orgasm!

    ZAR 320.00

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  • BSwish BFit Classic

    Get into shape with this set of body-safe silicone love balls.
    Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with bfit classic love balls.

    ZAR 390.00

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    anatomical massagers(kegel balls)
    perfect size,body safe
    four balls of different weight,five stages of training
    storage pouch
    orgasm delivered

    ZAR 910.00

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  • FSOG Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls

    Two silver balls designed to effectively tone and tighten your pelvic floor muscles and deliver heightened pleasure during play. Suitable for experienced users.

    ZAR 690.00

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  • 12 Day Bride 2 Be Basket

    Build up to your wedding by spoiling yourself every day!!

    ZAR 2,950.00

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  • FSOG Still Baby Still Bondage Tape

    “Keep still…We’re going to have to work on keeping you still, baby…”

    ZAR 760.00

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  • G - Vibe - 2

    G-vibe is made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone.

    ZAR 2,600.00

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  • Screaming Ling O

    Vibrating Tongue Ring
    • Contoured Shape Designed to Stay in Place

    ZAR 220.00

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  • Lelo Hula Beads

    The Premium Pleasure Beads that Rotate and Vibrate

    ZAR 2,900.00

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  • Love Babydoll

    Hand made with the highest quality fabrics,  this is the new Bella Rouge line

    ZAR 350.00

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