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Je Joue

  • Je Joue Mio

    Super-soft, flexible, powerful – share stronger, longer, simultaneous orgasms with your partner using Mio. This cock ring will keep him harder for longer, and give her intense external vibration during sex, making sure you both get more

    ZAR 2,550.00

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  • Je Joue Uma

    Perfectly contoured, pleasingly versatile – super-smooth Uma provides sensational, deep vibrating stimulation outside or inside, together or solo. Available in Fuschia and Lilac

    ZAR 1,950.00

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  • Je Joue Ami

    Pleasurable, simple, beneficial – tone and strengthen your PC muscle with Ami for stronger orgasms and much more. A progressive three-step set of soft, smooth pelvic weights, Ami allows you to train your PC muscle at your own pace and suits women of all ages and fitness levels.

    ZAR 1,250.00

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  • Je Joue Fifi

    The iconic classic, redefined – FiFi is the ultimate rabbit. Velvety soft and perfectly contoured, this luxury toy offers simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation with a difference. Available in Fuschia and Purple

    ZAR 3,200.00

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  • Je Joue Mimi

    Small, sensual, beautifully powerful: MiMi is the perfect toy for clitoral stimulation, for a first-time or an every-time vibration experience. Available in Fuschia and Lilac

    ZAR 2,350.00

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