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  • Santa's Wink

    Gift Set Includes: Two Christmas Crackers, Sexy Christmas Dress, Sugar Mommy’s Lube, Sugar Mommy’s Body Chocolate, A Rabbit Cock Ring, Ultra 7 Remote Egg, Man Pills, Go Girl Clit Stimulating Spray and a Mini Rock Chick

    ZAR 3,050.00

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  • Horny Holiday HO'se

    Gift Set Includes: A Christmas Stocking, Two Christmas Crackers, Bling Vibrator, Man Pill,Sugar Mommy’s Lovers Pack, Jelly Boobs, Sugar Mommy’s Lube, pair of sexy undies, Silicon Penis Sleeve and a Screaming-O Vibrating Cock Ring.

    ZAR 1,750.00

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  • Elf Surprise

    Gift Set Includes: A sexy pair of panties, Lust Dust, Sex Position Cheque Book & Rabbit Cock Ring.

    ZAR 690.00

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  • Bijoux Satin Eyemask

    satin ,silky and limit the senses .

    ZAR 230.00

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  • Bijoux Rose Petals

    perfumed reusable rose petals!

    be romantic and sweet.

    ZAR 95.00

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  • Bunny Ears Bow Tie Set

    pink and white bunny ears with pink bow tie and white tail!

    very cute and sexy!

    ZAR 70.00

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  • Just Divorced Flashing Sash

    for fun!

    ZAR 90.00

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  • Short Red Satin Gloves

    red and teasing in oh so red!

    ZAR 90.00

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  • Long Black Satin Gloves

    Wear them for a dinner party or whilst playing!

    ZAR 140.00

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  • Jelly Boobs

    fruity flavoured jelly fat
    and will have everyone wanting your boobs!

    ZAR 95.00

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  • Boys night out party pack

    card game,flash camera,water pistol and a badge
    what more could you want to start a memorable night!

    ZAR 320.00

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  • Sexual Position Coupons

    20 sex coupons ..hide them in his jacket pocket or inĀ  her lap top bag!surprise..
    redeemable whenever!

    ZAR 220.00

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