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  • Screaming O - Woohoo

    Thrill seeking vibrating ring,super powered vibration for her and
    taint & testies tingler for him!You will be ordering 2.. Waterproof!

    ZAR 750.00

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  • Screaming O - Propello

    Taint & tushy tickling vibrations for an amazing new sensation,full clitoral contact,keeping him harder with the erection band while vibrating! Be bold and try new..Waterproof!

    ZAR 750.00

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  • Screaming O - Bang O

    Triple weighted vibrating ring for bangin’ good fun,3 weighted balls swing with each stroke! Delivering a bangin’ clit orgasm. Waterproof!

    ZAR 650.00

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  • Bijoux Kissable Body Powder

    A tasty glitter to illuminate the spots where his lips & your skin ,his most prized possession¬† come together…shimmer n shake!!! Wild strawberry flavour.

    ZAR 460.00

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  • Gorgeous Gavin

    Carved for action,pumping up daily is how I keep my large extremities in good
    working order! I even glow in the dark with my face and chest! You want me!

    ZAR 640.00

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  • Adventurous Sex! Position Cards

    Each adventurous Sex! card explicitly illustrates a provocative Sex! position,
    be it outdoors or a unique location!

    ZAR 220.00

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  • Bijoux tickle me tickler

    Teasing ,tickling just a start!

    ZAR 220.00

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  • Bong O - Vibrating Cock Ring

    A vibrating ring,with swing & bling for your thing. An erection enhancing band and pleasure ball for mutual fun! Waterproof and reusable.

    ZAR 570.00

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  • Sweet Smile Pleasure Balls

    Rock ‘ n roll, pleasure duet with swinging and vibration – however you desire! Start a melodious erotic journey with the love ball duo and its rotating inner workings combined with splendid vibration! YES ,THEY VIBRATE!

    ZAR 620.00

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  • Penis Candle

    For that ‘ROMANTIC’ night in,come on baby light my fire!

    ZAR 170.00

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  • The Honeymooner's Cookbook

    52 weeks of food and sex! For food lovers who want to cook up a lasting love affair!
    As a bachelorette gift or just as a gift to liberate your palate and love making !

    ZAR 390.00

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  • Screaming O - Balm Stick

    Mini vibe ,disguised as a lip balm with a soft – touch tip. no one will know your secret!

    ZAR 490.00

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