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  • Dr Peckers Stir Rods

    Create a stir!! ladies have a cock – tail with a difference. Your drinks will never be the same again!

    ZAR 60.00

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  • Dicky Fairy Lights

    Now here’s a way to light up our lives! String these dicky’s along nicely and they’ll shine nice and brightly for you!

    ZAR 120.00

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  • Dicky Water Gun

    Dressing up as cowgirls? Going for a last Night Out with the girls? Fill this gun with your favourite shooter and let the guys watch as you suck and lick it dry…

    ZAR 60.00

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  • Table Cloth

    The ultimate party accessory. Jazz up your decor with this sexy tablecloth.

    ZAR 45.00

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  • Place Mats

    Sexy, fun placemats to add that special touch to your Bachelorette party

    ZAR 70.00

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  • Body Chocolate

    Put fingers into Sugar Mommy’s warm, soft, delicious chocolate body paint, spread onto the body part(s) of your choice, and lick to your heart’s content.

    ZAR 110.00

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  • Boobie Tassles

    Become a private dancer with these Boobie Tassels. These pasties come complete with self adhesive backing tape and hand sewn sequined designs.

    ZAR 220.00

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