Self Pleasure

Self Pleasure Alone or With a Partner – Accessories and Toys to Use

Many people who lead a healthy and happy sex life will know that self pleasure can play a very important role. Self pleasure, otherwise known as masturbation, is often done alone or in the presence of a partner. It all really depends on your personal preferences and what you, or you and your partner feel comfortable with. In many cases couples will use their hands to pleasure themselves or a partner and will make use of a number of accessories or toys to assist with the process. Making use of a little lubrication can sometimes make the act of self pleasure a great deal more satisfying. You will find that the market presents a variety of personal lubrications with a variety of sensations such as tingle, heat, cooling effect and so much more. These lubricants are designed to be suitable for use on even sensitive skin and if you choose wisely, you could have many hours of fun with yourself or with a partner.  Of course cock rings, dildos and vibrators play a very big part in many people’s masturbation activities with the vibrator being the most popular accessory for both men and women to use.

Finding a Vibrator to Tickle Your Fancy

When browsing the market for the right vibrator you will find that there are just so many options to choose from. At Bella Rouge we have more than just a few vibrators to offer you, in fact, our range is so extensive that you are bound to find exactly the one that tickles your fancy, regardless of what your personal interests are. When looking for a vibrator that would be ideal for self pleasure or for a little extra action between you and your partner, you are probably going to want to find one that is compact, relatively quiet and designed for the type of pleasure that interests you most. You will find vibrators that are able to cater to both vaginal and clitoral stimulation and those that cater to both simultaneously – prices of each will of course range accordingly. When browsing through the various options on our website you will find that we stock rabbit vibes, g-spot vibes and a variety of regular vibes. Each of these vibrators are designed to assist you to explore yourself or your partner with freedom and guaranteed fun. You will find self pleasure vibrators ranging from R220 to over R2000 depending on what type of stimulation you are looking for and what you want your vibrator to look like. Many vibrators are fully rechargeable and some can last as long as 4 hours for the ultimate enjoyment. A vibrator purchased from us will be made from durable and top quality materials that are absolutely easy to keep hygienically clean. You can securely purchase your vibrator online from our website and pay for it with your credit card. There is no need to fear that your details will be provided to any third parties and we will ensure that your ordered goods will be delivered to you in unmarked packaging in order to ensure that you suffer no embarrassment should anyone else be around when your package arrives. We deliver everything with a reputable courier company and will replace any items that are damaged or malfunctioning on arrival. You must however have your proof or purchase and the original packaging. Take the time to take a closer look at our range of items that are designed for satisfying self pleasure. Try out our vibrators, lubrications, dildos and various other toys and accessories and you certainly won’t be disappointed. We will ensure that you are provided with the best quality sex toys and accessories available on the market at the most cost-effective rate.