Sex & Wealth

A survey released on January 23, 2007, by Prince & Associates in collaboration with Hannah Grove found that 70% of today’s multimillionaires said being wealthy gave them “better sex.” A majority also said wealth gave them “more adventurous and exotic” sex lives. The survey polled nearly 600 men and women with net worth’s of more than $30 million and a mean net worth of $89 million. The survey polled men and women who were the financial “principals,” meaning they were the primary decision makers in their households. More than 80% of both the men and women surveyed were married, although the women’s wealth was independent of their husbands’. Nearly 3/4 of the women surveyed (about 150) said they’d had affairs, compared to about 50% of the men.
While the male numbers are in keeping with findings for the broader American population, the figure for women is almost twice as high as the national average. More than 1/2 of all the men and women surveyed had been divorced at least once. 63% of rich men said wealth gave them “better sex,” which they defined as having more-frequent sex with more partners. That compares to 88% of women who said more money gave them better sex, which they defined as “higher quality” sex. The women in the survey were almost twice as likely than their male counterparts to have “more adventurous and exotic” sex lives than they did before they were wealthy. 72% of the female respondents said they were “mile-high-club” members (meaning they’ve had sex on an airplane), compared to 33% of the men. (All the survey respondents owned jets or shares in jets.)