Strip Tease

Giving Your Partner a Strip Tease That He Simply Won’t Forget

Adding a little fun and excitement to your bedroom activities will require confidence and know how. Many people choose to provide their partners with a strip tease in order to set the mood. You do not need to be a professional dancer to provide your partner with a strip show that will get them interested – performing your own erotic dance for your partner will certainly spice things up. There is really no need to attend lessons or have a pole installed – you just need to let go, put your inhibitions aside and have fun while teasing your partner until he can’t take it anymore. Invest in some sexy lingerie or dress up according to a theme or fantasy that you know he has an interest in. At Bella Rouge you will find an extensive array of lingerie for you to choose from. Ultimately wear some sexy under wear covered with one of his shirts. The very next step is ensuring that you think your dance and moves through. Realise that regardless of what body issues you might have, your partner thinks you are hot and confidence is key! Think of what type of music you and your partner love and set up the room so you can dance to this particular music – send a clear message to your lover about how you feel and how you want him to see you. Your strip tease needs to be sensual and not rushed. Be sure to put on a few layers and add some accessories to buy you some time and help you to spend a bit of time getting both of you in the mood.

Products Designed for the Ultimate Seduction

A strip tease between lovers is the ultimate seduction. Seducing your partner is not about you, but about him or her. Simply take the time to set up the room and relax before putting on your show. Dim the lights and scatter some petals and arrange for a comfy chair for your partner to sit on. Once you begin your own provocative strip tease, intimacy of a whole different kind is sure to follow. Tantalise your partner with some new sex toys, massage oils, lubricants and more. Bella Rouge has a wide range of products and accessories that can help to set the mood and make turning your partner on, a simple task. Seduction does not specifically require any accessories or sex toys, but it can certainly make it more interesting and exciting for both couples. After your strip tease maybe you should entice your partner with a sensual massage or test out some of our interesting lubricants, vibrators, dildos, cock rings and so on. Our products are made of the finest quality materials and you can expect for them to deliver the ultimate pleasure to both you and your partner. When looking for lingerie and accessories to use in your strip tease and afterwards too, you will find exactly what you need in our catalogue. You can order everything that you need online discreetly and have it delivered to your home within 14 days. We do offer to replace damaged or non functioning products as long as it is returned to us with the original packaging in place. We will treat your order with the ultimate discretion and ensure that your details are kept private. Our online store ensures safe and secure online payments for your convenience too. Take the time to take your seduction to the next level and enjoy providing your partner with a strip tease that will really get him going. Invest in some of our products to help you feel more at ease and confident. Relax, unwind and enjoy this special intimate time spend with your loved one.