Undercover Parties

Undercover Parties – Spice Up the Night with the Help of Bella Rouge

Undercover parties are usually arranged for bachelorettes who are soon to be married. These parties usually involve naughty games, gifts, and very often entertainment from exotic dancers or similar. The maid of honour usually arranges this party for the bride-to-be and how wicked they are usually depends on how outgoing the bride and her friends are. Many ladies choose to have a sex toy demonstration or gift exchange or much the same with lingerie. This involves various items and toys being presented to the ladies and demonstrations provided on how to make proper use, and care for each. Despite the giggles inspired, many ladies will find these products intriguing and end up purchasing some for their own use. A hen party or ladies’ night is the perfect opportunity for the girls to let down their hair and really go all out. You can host your own undercover parties quite successfully if you have access to a range of well priced and top quality lingerie and sex toys. At Bella Rouge we have just what you need. Our range of toys, accessories and games are designed to have an element of sexy naughtiness with a sense of style and class. We stock specifically for undercover parties a variety of novelty items to use as props at the parties such as head boppers, pecker straws and cutlery, naughty table covers, penis measurers, veils with pink horns, naughty confetti, bachelorette party hats, naughty stirrers, sashes, dicky ice trays, pecker shot glasses and so much more. These items can add that element of naughtiness while still keeping things classy and above the belt so to speak. For those who are hosting a ladies’ night or undercover party and want to ensure that the bride-to-be is provided with a number of naughty gifts, then take a look at our product range. We stock vibrators, dildos, strap-on dildos, lubricants, lotions, liquid aphrodisiacs, lingerie, intimacy enhancers, pumps, condoms, penis toys, clit stimulators and so much more. All of these items are well priced which makes them the ideal gift. They are also made from good quality material which makes them durable and extremely easy to clean. Most sex toys in our range can be cleaned with a dedicated sex toy cleanser or with warm soapy water. Remember that not all vibrators are waterproof, so if you have bought a non waterproof model, keep the battery area free from moisture. Those organising the naughty party must keep in mind the size and preference of the bride if there is to be lingerie involved. All products can be ordered online and paid for securely via our online payment system. We will ensure that your personal details are kept private and that no third parties have access to them. In addition to this we will ship your order to you within 14 days and allow for 30 days for you to return (in the original packaging and with the receipt) any items that are faulty or broken. Products required for undercover parties will be delivered to your specified address in unmarked packaging so as to not alert the bride to be or any neighbours and family members or what you have bought. At Bella Rouge, it is our aim that our products make you look forward to sexual experiences alone or with a partner. If you aren’t sure about which products are the best to try out, simply request more information from us and we will ensure that you are better advised and informed. Trust Bella Rouge to make your undercover parties and sex lives more memorable, for years to come.